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What's Required in Version of ComSpy2


What's New in Version of ComSpy2

Added button to online manual
Added menu item to ComSpy2 home page
Added Cut, Copy and Paste commands to Script tool bar
Added a file pick command to script tool bar
Added a save picture button to Bitmap object
Added a save picture button to Graph object
RSS notification (new messages) added in toolbar
Added the option to popup the RSS window on new messages (ComSpy2 related)
New GUI facelift
Snapshot button got an image
Snapshot post processing (Crop, Crop + margin)
More snapshot formats (bmp,jpg,png,gif)
Node line styles (curved,straight,callout)
Dropped objects receives focus
Popup menu disables not available functions
Demux got minimum 2 outputs and max 200
New script type: Strings
Script can use the C++ style assignment operators += and -=
Script wait command '!' can be put on halt, aborted or skipped through its dialog
Script redirect command '@=' can take a string register or a constant string
ANSI and ASCII view object got an edit content mode
ANSI and ASCII view object can export content into a RTF document
UDP Client object can now send broadcast packets (
Added Windows 8 detection
Keyboard got 3 modes; Normal, Line and Buffer
InFile object got an auto save mode (once every 1s)
InFile object can append or replace the output file
New version notification added to "Check for updates" button
Options window size and position are saved
RSS window size and position are saved
Moved RSS related options to the RSS section
Version and RSS are fetched in a thread to prevent ComSpy2 from temporary freezing during network problems
Didn't show new ComSpy2 version after RSS feed had been read once before
Object window's tool pallet was blank on a fresh start
Data- and Project path was blank on a fresh start
A dataPath bug (missing \)
Notification message registration errors are now shown
Crash in TCP/IP Server object when socket couldn't be opened
Crash in UDP Server object when socket couldn't be opened
UDP Server didn't receive data
Crash when creating a new project after "Close" had been used
Crash if a faulty project file was loaded during load
Crash when loading an object with more outstreams than default
Script parser got confused of the Register delimiter '.' and the block close '.'
GUI type conversion during syntax checking
Script error information referenced wrong code location
Register r.b didn't convert to the default number of bits
Memory leak in the Port enumeration function
More sanity checks for stability

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